Ken Peters

“Ken has a vivid imagination, and he’s not afraid to use it.” So read the teacher’s note on Ken’s third grade report card. Evidence that at an early age a spirit of unconventional creativity was already brewing. Through the years this spirit and fearlessness pushed him down numerous paths of adventure, discovery, and entrepreneurship – and is the muse that informs the visual language of his art.


Ken’s work explores the romanticized folklore of America’s Wild West heritage through a pastiche of pop culture ephemera paired with contemporary design. Evocative montages of Golden Age Americana – comic books, pulp novels, advertising, vintage photos, and bold iconography – imbue each work with metaphor and whimsy. Alluring layers of color, shape, typography, and imagery create dynamic visual narratives – at once both warmly nostalgic and compellingly fresh – that chronicle America’s evolving relationship with our history and national mythology.


Originally hailing from Detroit, Ken has called the Phoenix area home since 1977. He grew up on a steady diet of comic books, Saturday morning cartoons, classic TV sitcom reruns, westerns, and science fiction – in an America before the internet and mobile technology, playing cowboys and Indians, skateboarding, collecting baseball cards, and staying out well past dark. Eventually, his love of pop culture, art and storytelling would lead him to study design and branding. He is a graduate of Arizona State University and a Co-founding Partner and Creative Director of Nocturnal Branding Studio, a Phoenix-based brand design agency.