Sam Pratt

For mixed media artist Sam Pratt, art is music. The daughter of a musician, she realized early on that music appeared to her in the form of shape and sound. Synesthesia, as she would later learn her gift was called, opened doors to limitless creative possibilities.


At six years old, Sam began developing her gift through an extension of Boston College’s summer program in Lenox, Massachusetts where art instructors were awed by her “seeing.” She was a prodigy, and her work was shown at the Lenox Library and Berkshire Art Museum. At 16 years old, she had an opportunity to discuss art with Norman Rockwell, who suggested she study at the Art Student’s league of New York. That meeting opened doors for her to study under some of the greatest artists of our contemporary age.


Today, Pratt relies less on her visual sense than on her inward “hearing” of art. Her dynamic contemporary abstract work is highly collectible because it can be felt as much as it can be seen.