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Grace Renee Gallery is a refreshingly beautiful way to explore fine contemporary art in the breathtaking shadows of the Sonoran Desert Foothills of Carefree, Arizona. Artfully designed jewelry, inspiring sculptures, spectacular wall art, stunning ceramics and more await. Discover something truly different at Grace Renee Gallery!

Kevin Irvin

A native of the small-town Midwest, Irvin grew up learning the more practical side of building and fixing things. His imaginative nature took those skills and turned them into the creation of innovative, yet beautifully functional furniture designs, unique decorative items and more. Find out more here.

Seth Fairweather

Seth Fairweather provokes thought through art. His stunning glass and metal sculptures incite conversations about individual thought in the background of today’s culture of technology-driven connectivity. He is one of the most original glass artists in the country.

Jennyfer Stratman

Jennyfer Stratman’s stunning bronze, steel and mixed media work explores the interconnectedness between nature and the human form. Each piece speaks of the universal human experience, as well as our individual yet profoundly intertwined connections to something much greater than ourselves.

Sam Pratt

Art is music for mixed media artist Sam Pratt. The daughter of a musician, she realized early on that music appeared to her in the form of shape and sound. Synesthesia, as she would later learn her gift was called, opened doors to limitless creative possibilities and has played a beautiful part in influencing her ability to make others feel her artful expression.

Laura Bicego

First and foremost, fine jeweler Laura Bicego is an artist. Her Nanis brand of renowned Italian jewelry is an expression in who we are as women. From the radiance of jewels to the luminescence of 18 karat gold, Nanis has the unique ability to illuminate us from the inside out.

Cecilia Calderon

Cecilia Calderon’s work elicits deep soul connections to the earth. With copper as her primary medium, she experiments with patinas, textures, repousse, etching, oils, acrylics, textiles and plaster, creating one-of-a-kind pieces that awaken our bonds to the natural world.

Kathleen Hope

Fountain Hills-based Kathleen Hope utilizes cements made from an array of materials, including dried pigments, paper, plaster and marble dust to create textured layers and unexpected details. Each of her designs is wonderfully open to interpretation, inspiring connections through color, contrast and her knack for serendipitous design.

Christiane Barbato

Each of Christiane Barbato’s ceramic creations is infused with blessings and love. From dinnerware to fine art pieces, her work reflects a breathtaking, three-dimensional collage of color, texture and balanced form.

Marino Pesavento

Pesavento Italian jewelry is timelessly and effortlessly alluring. From the shimmering brilliance of silver to the grandeur of gold, Pesvento pushes through design boundaries through innovation and undeniable craftsmanship. Come see our Pesevento collection of bracelets, earrings, necklaces and rings.